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Tea for Two: Suki

Tea for Two: “Suki”

Title: Tea for Two: “Suki”

Author: projectmimiko

Rating: G

Summary: Junsu wants to know… “…to fall in love …do you first have to fall in like?”

Notes: This is meant to be part of my collection of one-shots all set someway within the café Tea for Two. Some stories will cross over into the next or maybe a random scene that has no connect with any other previously written shot. I’ll let ya know if it’s a crossover, okies? So please enjoy each story as it is written. Thank you~

Genre: Fluff/ One shot

Pairing: Yoosu


“…to fall in love …do you first have to fall in like?”

hiii can you help me?

hi i was wondering how i could read the locked fics??

if you need an introuction here it is....

i am 19/f living in australia. DBSK visited me!! well not all of them :S

the obvious about me is that i love DBSK...alot! my second favourite group is WONDER GIRLS...particularly yoobin! love her! i must admit though i only listen to DBSK music! ALL of IT! lol!

ummm...i dont know what else to write! ohhh i know! i love yunjae and yoosu and min/food! although i do like to see min with human partnerrs like minsu, jaemin particular yoosumin (these days), so if you could please let me into this community i would be very happy!!!

please i lvoe reading fanfiction and there isnt enough yoosumin to go around!!!

Thanks in advance!! :D

First Attempts

Title: First Attempts
Pairing: YooMinSu (Really XiMinChun)
Rating: R
Warnings: Smut, Slight Exhibitionism, Some Language
Summary: The first attempt on Junsu and Changmin’s relationship. (Sequel to ‘Of Failure and Victory’)
A/N: Okay, so this is the Yoochun attempt on the MinSu relationship ^^ I didn’t really go into too much detail because I’m tired and I don’t want it to be horrible, so I hope you guys don’t mind too much LOL Besides that, I enjoyed this one, despite the little amount of smut. I hope you guys like it though, please remember to tell me what you thought ^^

Word Count: 1,833

Of Failure and Victory

(How had he missed it?)

*Remember, all fics are LOCKED after ONE WEEKS!
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Midnight Train

Title: Midnight Train
Pairing(s): YooMin, JaeMin, HoMin, MinSu
Rating: R
Warnings: Smutsville
Summary: It's the final hour of Changmin's birthday and he wants to play a game?
A/N: My first ( reall second but first time posting ) story about the boys hope to have some good feedback! :) please enjoy and tell me with things that needs improvments.


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A Beautiful Dream

Title: A Beautiful Dream
Pairing(s): YooSu, MinSu, YooMin (Eventual YooMinSu)
Rating: R
Warnings: Bondage, Toys, Slight Angst, Fluff, Threesome smut
Summary: He was always watching them, was always drawn to them…whether he liked it or not.
A/N: Yay! I wrote something, and Gasp! It isn’t MinSu, and it isn’t a request! (Well, not exactly) xD It’s a miracle, though, not really, since there is MinSu in it xD LOL. Anyway, I know some are still waiting for the next chapter of ‘Demons’ but please be patient. Anyway, this is my first time writing a threesome, and writing in this type of style, so I hope I did okay >.> This one is for dreaming_col ! You said anything, so here you go xD LOL, I hope you like it babe ^^

(Sorry for fail!title and summary >.>) 

(He didn't remember when, but he always found his eyes drawn to them.)

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I Can't Sleep [OneShot]

Title I can't sleep [oneshot]

Pairing Yoosu

Rating NC-17

Disclaimer Dongbang boys belong to noone but themselves. ; _;

Summary Junsu can't sleep. He can't help staring at Yoochun, his roommate. Junsu secretly thinks that Yoochun is really hot. He has feelings for him but the sleeping latter doesn't know.

A/N First fic, decided to start with a one shot before I try making huge fics. Hope you'll enjoy this. ^^

(Junsu's body felt hot. He kept on staring at the older man. He felt like pouncing on him but he knew it wasn't right to take advantage of a sleeping person.)


More Than A Feeling

Title: More Than A Feeling.
Author: ChevyPortia.
Genre: Angst, Fluff.
Pairing: MinSu.
Character(s): YooChun.
Length: One Shot.
Synopsis: JunSu's confused....

A/N: My first MinSu fiction. Trying to explore the wide world of various OTPs. Again, if anyone don't know my way of writing, let me tell you that I have a tendency to use this method to end a story. Like a prompt...Enjoy!
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Perfect jawline


Pairing: YooSuMin, slight YooMin, slight YooSu, slight MinSu
Rating: NC 17(Warning: slight kink, bukkake)
Length: Oneshot
Genre: smut, failed attempt at crack(?)

Summary: Yoochun's been weirded out by Changmin's weird behavior the whole day during dance practice. He decides to straighten things out with hi, only Yoochun has "horrible"" timing. Junsu joins in on the fun, Iice cream tub clutched tight with his hands.
A/N: Sorry for the horrible summary. XD Enjoy.!~

Unleashing the well-hidden brazen whore inside him, Junsu opens the door and lets himself in.
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