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Midnight Train

Title: Midnight Train
Pairing(s): YooMin, JaeMin, HoMin, MinSu
Rating: R
Warnings: Smutsville
Summary: It's the final hour of Changmin's birthday and he wants to play a game?
A/N: My first ( reall second but first time posting ) story about the boys hope to have some good feedback! :) please enjoy and tell me with things that needs improvments.


Midnight Train

The boys laughed drunkly stumbling over one another into the train station.

“Hey this isn’t the parking garage, where is the van? “ Yoochun asked looking up and down the train station platform.

“Of course this is the parking garage, and there is the van! “ Jae Joong slurred his sentence pointing to the train that just pulled up.

The boys all stumbled their way into the last cart of the train, them being the only ones occupying it.

“This has been the best birthday ever! “ Changmin shouted as he slumped down into one of the cold plastic seats.

“You have one more hour left until your days over Minnie what you want to do? “ Junsu asked taking a seat next to Changmin placing his hand on his thigh.

“Hmm I don’t know. “ Changmin murmured biting on his bottom lip thinking of what he wanted during his final hour of partying.

The lights in the cart flickered for a moment before finally going out.

“Whats up with the van? “ Jae questioned.

“Stupid we’re on a train. “ Yoochun spoke feeling his way to a seat but ended up feeling someone up.

“Yoochun ah I’m not a seat. “ Yunho finally spoke sounding more sober than any of the other members.

“Oops “Yoochun giggled as he once again pressed himself into Yunho.

“Too bad I wouldn’t mind sitting on you. “

“HEY! “ Jae Joong and Junsu shouted in the darkness.

Yoochun only replied with drunken laughter.

“That’s it! I know what I want to do! “Changmin shouted scaring Junsu whom was next to him.

“Let’s play a game. “

“What kind of game? “

“In the dark everyone must find a spot in the train at least five seats apart. I will go around and try to figure out who is who. “

“Sounds like fun. “

“Sounds too easy “Yunho spoke up

“Hyung trust me, so will everyone play? “

“Sure. “ The boys agreed

“Ok turn off all cell phones and remove all jewelry and now the game shall begin!”

Changmin stood in the middle of the cart hearing his members shuffle around him some snickered with excitement. Finally Changmin felt they had enough time and felt his way to the first person.

Finally feeling soft hair under his fingers Changmin felt for the length the hair was layered a little longer at the top.

“You can be anyone “Changmin said but his victim did not respond. Changmin then straddled his opnnet hearing the person deeply inhale Changmin had this person right where he wanted him.

Teasingly pecking at his lips and grinding his hips into the person under him it only took moments for whomever it was to react. Their hardness rubbing up against Changmin ass was just what he was looking for. Sliding back far enough to get the persons pants undone Min slowly eased the erection out. Just by the shape and length he knew whom he was fondling, but his mouth was watering to taste him, he’d never tasted him and it killed him to know the feeling of him inside his mouth. Lowering himself in a more comfortable position Changmin used the tip of his tongue to tease the tip of his victim’s dick. A muffled moan crept from the person’s mouth. The taste of pre cum excited Changmin making him forget the teas and swallowed hold, relaxing his through allowed him to take every inch his member offered into his mouth, this was a trick Junsu had showed him when Changmin first learn to give a blowjob. The groans from his hyung grew louder but it was mixed in with the others snickering. Slurping his way up Min wrapped his hand around the base of the dick and pumped while sucking seducing more cum to shoot from his hyung into his mouth. The bitterness was intoxicating Changmin’s eyes seemed to roll into the back of his head as he finally pulled away standing up his pecked his members lips before saying.

“Yoochun! “ Changmin beamed

“How’d you know? “

“I’ve never tasted you before “Changmin stated running his tongue along Yoochun bottom lip then counting five seats down to his next hyung.

Once again once he felt the persons head another short haired person

“I’m not going to get anywhere with the hair we all have short haircuts right now. “ Changmin whined.

Instead of going by hair Changmin ran his index finger over this persons lip, they were soft and he was a sucker for soft lips. Once again straddling the person Changmin coxed the person mouth open with his index finger allowing him to taste the sticky leftovers of Yoochun’s cum. Feeling their mouth wrap tightly around his finger makes Min shudder. The way this person rolls his tongue back and forth made Min even harder to the point of pain. Right then and there he knew whom he was messing with removing his finger and replacing it with his own tongue Min let the person hands roam his body but before Min new it he was shirtless and the person broke their kiss to lick down to his chest while simutanionly switching positions having Changmin now be the one in the cold plastic seat and him kissing further down as he sneakly shed Min sweat pants. Min thought to himself.

“When did the tables turn? When did I become the teasey? “

However his thoughts were interrupted when his now teasers slender fingers penetrated his entrance, arching his back against the plastic causing it to squeak out under him. Changmin didn’t care thought his moans loud and hard. His teaser removes his fingers long enough to replace them with his own hard dick.

“Fuck “Min whimpers out grabbing at the metal pole to keep from sliding all the way out of the chair.

Changmin holds on tight as his teaser slams into him over and over again the sound of their skins slapping together echo’s throughout the train cart. But that wasn’t stopping Min or this member, not even the fact that they were nearing another platform and the fact people just might enter their dark sex cart.

“I’m spending too much time on you. “ Changmin grunted

His teaser giggled and used his index finger to trace a question in Min’s stomach while still pumping inside of him.

“Do you know who I am? “ He traced

“Of course I know who you are. “

“Say my name “he traced

“Your J...” Before he could let the name slip from his lips his teaser gave him one last thrust causing Changmin to cum all over his stomach down to his thighs.

“Jae Joong! “ Min sung out panting

“That was fun. “ Jae said finally removing himself from Min.

At this point Changmin couldn’t even walk to his next victim only crawl feeling his hand touch someone shoe he looked up in the darkness feeling up the leg this person had on shorts. His scent was strong. However Min didn’t have to go far up because as soon as his hand reached this members lap their hands met.

“Starting without me are you? “ Min asked stroking the semi hard dick. “Let’s see if I can fix this. “ Min said lowering his lips to over just the tip as both his hand and the others hand pumped at the dick. With his other free hand teasing himself Min knew he was running outta time.

“Damn you Jae Joong! Took up most of my time. “He thought to himself.

Min could taste the warm cum float against his tongue and snack its way down his throat. He felt satisfied with his mini blowhandjob combination.

“I’ll make it up to you for giving you such little time hyung. “ He whispered into his hyung ear.

The person shook his head eagerly and Changmin smiled.

“And you said this game was easy. “ Changmin said leaving Yunho to find his last and only person left.

“Well it’s only one person left, and we all know it’s you Junsu. “

“No fair! I’m always last. “Junsu cried his voice higher than normal.

Following Junsu’s voice to the other end of the cart Min took a seat next to him.

“But that don’t mean I’ll leave you out of the game. ‘ Min said yanking Junsu shirt up and over his head tossing it only god knows where. Next was his pants to Mins surprise Junsu wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Not wanting to waste prolly his last few minutes Min stood Junsu up spun him around tilted him over the chair and entered him quick and hard.

“Ahhhh “Junsu cried out in pleasure and pain.

Thrusting in and out while pumping Junsu dick at the same time Min noticed the lights flickering back on and off. Picking up his speed Min was caught off guard when he felt someone reenter his entrance causing him to moan out a soft curse. Someone else took his other free hand placing it on their hard dick allowing him to stroke them. And finally the last person turning Mins head to them kissing him deeply. With what all this going on Changmin was in pure ecstasy.

Finally the last thrust to Junsu and the last thrust into him sent everyone into an orgy orgasmic. Everyone came together the one gift Changmin wanted all along on his birthday. Now with everyone lying on the cold train flooring no one knowing whom they were laying on the lights finally came back on. The boys all looked around at each other and smiled.

“Well Changmin how was your last hour of your birthday? “

“Perfect I loved the midnight trains gift! “ 

Everyone seemed to erupt into laughter at the ironicness of Mins statement



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Aug. 15th, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
Wow lol very hot!!!
Oct. 29th, 2012 04:08 am (UTC)
very very hot <33333
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